The Bel-Zims chocolate is a Belgian fresh and hand-made brand introduced by the Belgian master Mr. Jacky Vergote into Hong Kong, China.

With the raw material adopting 100% pure cocoa butter, no vegetable oil, palm oil or artificial flavors, from the top European raw material supplier in Belgian.

Our fresh and delicious chocolate is made strictly following the unique formula.

All these bring to you Real & Fresh chocolate from Belgium.

Mr. Jacky Vergote is a world-class chocolate master, coming from the historic city Bruges, Beligum.

He has the experience of making chocolate for more than four decades.

He has had his own chocolate specialty stores in Bruges and has acted as the planner and senior technical director of the well-known Belgian Chocolate Museum, Choco-Story.

He has also been the technical consultant at over 40 countries (including United States, Japan, Australia, Russia, Israel, etc.) which he promoted & demonstrated chocolate making there.

In a special occasion, Mr. Jacky Vergote met a Belgian Chinese friend Mr. Chan who has embraced with the same idea like him.

These two like-minded friends began their trip in Hong Kong, China, bringing premium class chocolate and chocolate culture to the East.